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By Vernalee

There has been a number of theories and quotes on the types of friends who walk through our lives. For me, the version that hits the nail on the head is outlined in Bishop T. D. Jakes’ sermon on “3 Types of Friends.” Bishop Jakes called them, “Confidants, constituents, and comrades.” 1. The confidants are people who are for you. Your confidants love you unconditionally. Confidants weep with you, rejoice with you, and are happy for you….Confidants will make sure that you reach your destiny. 2. Your constituents are for what you are for. 3. Your comrades are against what you are against. Jakes cautions us to not confuse the groups, because constituents and comrades will leave you! The latter two are joined to an external interest/issue of yours, but not to you per se. If you have two or three confidants (true friends) in your lifetime, according to Bishop Jakes, you are blessed! I thank God for giving me the wisdom to discern that a diamond is coal first! There have been times that I have been wrong and erroneously classified friends. I have been left blowing in the wind. Has this ever happened to you? No worries ... It happens to the best of us! We can be fooled because people can theatrically show synthetic traits that make them appear genuine and real when in fact, they are not. It’s important to know who’s who in your life! Recognizing and discerning them are critical steps in this identification process.

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