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By Vernalee

Growing up, I would hear the old folks in Mississippi say, "Ya don’t have to worry bout that child coz she gotta strong constitution." What on God's green earth were they talking about? Why were they likening the person to the U.S. Constitution was my thought? Naïve was I!

To have a strong constitution refers to what and how you are made; those rare ingredients that comprise your DNA. It is defined as "the physical makeup of the individual especially with respect to the health, strength, and appearance of the body." Now, I know that they were referencing what was inside of the individual. Amazing, they saw what the naked eye couldn't. How? I don't know. It undoubtedly was their wisdom that allowed them to interpret behavioral consequences. Those old folks taught me a lot about life, the name that we make for ourselves, reputation, and so much more. Their eyes and ears had seen and heard much. Many roads had they traveled. "Sho wished I had paid closer attention and listened more!"

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