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By Vernalee

Appearances can be deceiving. "Just because someone looks good doesn't mean that they are good for you. Even spoil milk is white."

Glitz and glam; the two go together. Hypnotically, your eyes follow the glitter. The sight is so captivating; it's mesmerizing; it can take your breath away. Keep looking and you might find that what you are viewing is misleading. Everything that looks precious may not be. That analysis extends to people, places, and things. Once you get to the core, and peel away the exterior, the real deal pops up. The "inside" is very telling! Similar to peeling back an onion, hopefully tears don't fill your eyes when the reality of the view does not glisten. Perceptions versus reality can become a game changer. Life's experiences will show you that all that glitters is not gold! Some find out the hard way. Nothing is worse than discovering what you thought you had was a facade. It is not your eyes playing tricks on you. It's the truth raising its head. How shocking is the appearance when the glittery shine is gone! Worse yet, the pot of glittery gold that you thought was yours belonged to someone else! What an empty and "broke" feeling that will for sure bring you down to earth. Your orbit is over when the reality stares you in the face. Don't be angry, be glad that you saw the real deal before it was too late!

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Dec 02, 2022


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