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By Vernalee

Feeling lonely in a crowd is nothing new. Many have felt the isolation. Worse than being alone is expecting the presence of someone who should be by your side, but they are no where to be found! Being a "crowd pleaser" is in many respects no longer vogue. The man who follows the crowd will not get any farther than the crowd. So what’s the catch? Is it better to be lonely alone than to be lonely in a crowd? It takes nothing to stand in a crowd. It takes a lot to stand alone. Do you really need people who magically disappear like Harry Houdini? What they do is just enough to be politically correct but not enough to be emotionally supportive.

Are your expectations wishful thinking or reality based? Stop! Don’t answer! And please don’t have a pity party. Stop exaggerating others’ worth when it’s not visible. Get with the program of knowing who’s who and who is not (in your life). The chameleons show up regularly and without notice. But is an appointment necessary for disappointments? Eventually, you’ll wise up. You will discover the folks who talk out of both sides of their mouth very elegantly. You will know exactly where you stand, where they stand, and how close their proximity is to yours? If during the process, you suffer from bouts of loneliness, hopefully you will eventually come to the greatest understanding in your life; a visibility that unlocks the mystery door. You’ll never alone as long as you have the Lord! Photo credit:

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Jan 07, 2020


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