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By Vernalee

It is a scientific fact that an empty wagon always makes the most noise. Even if it has no contents, it shakes, rattles, and rolls! You can often hear it long before you see it. Amazingly, people are no different. Generally, those with no substantial substance are the loudest. Even when they talk, there is no conceptual rationalization or meaning to the content of their speech. Their actions generally follow suit. No kidding! Pulling from years of wisdom, there is a solution for those “noisy, no content meaningless folks!” Here goes – keep your “empty” wagon self moving down the road but in the opposite direction. No one has the time to be bothered with shallow people. What a waste of energy! Besides, most people abhor ignorance and fools! What a toxic combination! The farther they are away, the better! It pays to have substance these days. Don’t you agree? Photo credit: www,

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