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By Vernalee

Remember the Titanic? It was considered unsinkable. Figuratively speaking, a sinking ship could be a bad relationship, a dead end job, a drowning marriage, a wayward child, or any circumstance in life that may take you down. A downward path may encompass an emotional or a physical descent. If you are on or navigating a sinking ship, you basically have 3 viable survival options: You can either get off – before it hits, when it hits, or after it hits, but before it sinks. Sometimes, we are optimists and feel that we can coast and ride out the storms in our lives; life jackets or not! Our success rate sometimes cannot be predetermined or accurately predicted. When we are confronted with obstacle courses, and when and if there are opportunities to make wise decisions, we must do so! Don’t procrastinate! Time does not wait on no one and time may not be on your side! Invariably, our decisions determine our destiny. Never forget that on April 15, 1912, despite its sophistication, the RMS Titanic, on its maiden voyage from the UK to NYC sank when it collided with an iceberg! “SOS;” Don’t underestimate the reality of a situation. As the old folks say, “Be safe, not sorry; sink or swim!” Your life may depend upon it! Photo credit: The RMS Titanic courtesy of

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Jun 03, 2023


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