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By Vernalee

I was always told that “The guard dog never attacks where the master doesn’t know.” Don’t be fooled! The guard dog in some settings is not a four legged animal. It may be a person with feet running to badness. It may also be someone who doesn’t like you and is determined to embarrass you. Motives are hard to define particularly when they are synthetic and insincere. Everyone is not your friend. People wear so many disguises – many of which are hard to detect; others of which are not visibly noticeable. I remember the old folks saying, “Everyone bears watching!” Stop categorizing people by saying what they will not do. Remember this. Although theoretically guard dogs, unlike watch dogs, are not trained to attack, they can! All dogs have teeth that bite. So keep your “guards up” around suspicious folks that you don’t trust. People are not always what we see or think. Can I get a witness? Follow your instincts! Your nose is usually not wrong! You may find that your dog is more protective and loyal than the person that you assumed occupied that role! There is such danger in assumption. Take notes; pay attention. Don’t be paranoid, but reasonably stay on alert. Stop learning the hard way! Truly, a dog may be your better choice. They’re cuddly, don’t talk back, and will love and protect you at all cost! They are loyal too! Photo credit: www.watchdogri.orgBE ON GUARD

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Sep 14, 2023


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