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By Vernalee

Just because you are behind the eight ball right now doesn't mean that you have to stay there! You are a winner ... and winners don't quit! Therefore, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and dig your way out. To succeed in your journey, you may have to move some people out of the way to reach your destination. No worries; they would bulldoze you if you were in their path! Stay focused; be determined. Keep moving; break through the walls, until you reach the finish line. Then, pull your demonstrative Usain Bolt's “Lightning Bolt" pose for all eyes to see! Nothing beats the heart and courage of a champion who pushes against the odds! When you started, you were in a precarious position. You were on the bottom, not the top. Your pockets were not lined with the big bucks as those who were calling the shots! Now look at you - It's a phenomenal occurrence! Amazing results happen when you walk with God utilizing the knowledge and will power that he bestowed you! Kudos to you for not giving up; for staying in the game; for not dissing those who tried to trip you along the way! Look who's in the dust now! No longer in a disadvantaged position, you succeeded! Feel proud! What a way to go .. and you played

openly and honestly by the rules!

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13 mai 2020

I'v played a game or two of Pool in my lifetime and the eight ball can be tricky.

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