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By Vernalee

If you’re like me, you’ve been turnaround, turn upside down, and have landed in many different directions; some of which were not your destination. We have realized that there is not always a straight arrow as we travel through our journeys of life. Though I’ve been bent and broken, I’m so thankful to God that I learned so many lessons along the way. I’m equally grateful to have made it through. Sure, I’ve been bruised, but I healed. I learned. My prayer has always been that no matter what - whether the road had hills, curves, or a straight path - that I landed safely in peace and that I turned out better that I started. Thank you Lord for your guiding angels, delivery, support, and providing a solid safe landing ground for my many travels in life that I knew not the way! I realized the twist and turns alongside the difficult paths that I took … which is why I remain eternally grateful!

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04. Nov. 2023


Gefällt mir
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