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By Vernalee

All kidding aside, to be in this position (between a rock and a hard place) is not desirable because you are stuck between two bad options! Maneuverability is tough. One step in the wrong direction can be costly. What do you do when your situation offers solutions and possibilities, but none are viable options? Decisions, decisions; you have to select – the best – of two undesirable outcomes. No one wants to choose “which poison to drink.” Thus, it is critical that you make a choice that will permit you to happily survive. Being in the best position is the desirable course of action. Try to avoid the rock; try to avoid the hard place! Being in a safe zone (somewhere in between) is optimal. Making the best decisions along the way, and/or making the necessary changes become critical. It is for those reasons that we have to remain on the alert, choose carefully, and analyze any and all situations. We cannot afford to let our guards down if we want to avoid being between a rock and a hard place. Photo credit:


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