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By Vernalee

Interesting, we don’t frequently see their portrayals, but Marvel and D.C. Comics claim that they have featured 60 Black female superheroes. I‘m not a big comic book reader (surprise, surprise), but I know our amazing strength as women.

So in that vain, I say to Iron Man, Superman, Batman & Robin, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, Night Crawler, Cosmic Boy, The Punisher, Aqua Man, Deadpool, Luke Cage, Blade, Black Panther … look out!

Women (of all colors) are the real cape crusaders!

We are not just limited to Wonder Woman and Supergirl ...anymore!

Though criminally underrepresented in the comic books and on the movie screens, Black Female Super Heroes - Vixen, Misty Knight, and Black Widow (who coincidentally is portrayed by White actresses; just saying) are now being seen.

It appears that the comic books and the movies treat us no differently than the folks in the flesh in real life scenarios. That’s ok. Look out!

Here we come ... and we’re a force to be reckoned with - on screen, in the comic books, and in real life!

For those who think that our strength as women is limited to our sheer existence, think again! We are and have always been a force of incredible mass proportion even if the media did not give us the deserved recognition.

If you are doubtful and don’t believe the sheer facts, grab my hand and take a stroll back in history with me!

From the days of slavery, Black women maintained their mental saneness though their precious children were taken and sold. Never a stranger to hard work, heartbreak, pain, and difficulties, Black women worked in the cotton fields from sunrise to sunset; forcibly became their Master’s mistresses; nursed their children; cooked their meals; and cleaned their houses. Need I say more!

History tells the story better than me. Yes, we Black women have endured a lot! And we have courageously survived though we were not given the credit or recognized!

Through it all, we have maintained our dignity and respect. We have inherited strength to stand up for ourselves and what we believe; strength that has been passed down through the generations.

No wonder we are super-heroes! Photo reprint: Black Wonder Woman – illustrated by Anthony Pugh.


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Nov 03, 2019

Fave post! I love superhero comics. Will have to look up one that you mentioned


Nov 01, 2019

Our Mothers demonstrated so much strength. I’m amazed to this day of their “powers!”


Nov 01, 2019

My mother was the Wonder Woman/Superwoman not only to me but to many women of our community.

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