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There is an old saying, “You should know who you are talking to.”

True that! Isn’t it equally as important to know who you are listening to?

You can’t let any and everybody speak into your life.

It is the words that you hear that are likely to influence you. You must have the wisdom to move away from mouths that speak the wrong message.

Closing your ears to not hear … may be the best way to avoid trouble. You never want to be guided by others’ bad advice or stupidity.

At times, you may have to walk away to shield yourself. Other times, you may need to cover your ears so that you hear not! “Do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33 Protect yourself. Preserve your integrity. Close your ears to unwholesomeness. Photo credit:

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May 10, 2023


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