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By Vernalee

It’s easy to make assumptions. All you need is incomplete information about a situation. Right? Coupled with laziness to ask the questions you need to complete the information, you take it upon yourself to fill in the blanks. Sounds familiar?

If you care not to be investigative, you fill in the blanks with your interpretation of what you see, hear, or think. Of course, that is not the best choice.

How can you connect the dots and make connections when you don't have all the facts? How can you jump to conclusions that are subject to be wrong? Certainly, that's not a smart approach! It is for these reasons and more, that assumptions are dangerous. If you are bold enough to pass on these untested assumptions to listening ears, you may hurt someone's reputation and cause injury. Be careful, because there is clearly danger in assumptions. What you assume may the farthest thing from the truth!

Photo credit: act-on.com; Reference: Specializedstaffing.com


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