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Can you recognize a phony instantly or does it take time? Most people will never admit to being phony because it is not flattering! Not at all! Who wants to say that they’re a fraud or not genuine? No one!

Being phony means saying one thing and doing another. It includes being exceptionally kind in the public, but mean spirited when not in the limelight. It includes professing to be holier than thou, quoting scriptures off the top of your head, attending church every Sunday, but not helping your fellow man/woman when you have ample resources to do so. Wearing blinders so that you can see only what you wish to view is part of the phoniness program; turning your head in the opposite direction is the other. Why be accountable is their thought? The true phonies may never admit who they are, but eventually their disguises are revealed. While they are busy fooling us, they forgot one key thing. One person sees all acts of pretentiousness, hypocrisy, phoniness, and selfishness.


With him, no one can pretend. If you are bold enough to try, be my guest. Rest assured, you will be found out! Photo reprint:

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Apr 28, 2023


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