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By Vernalee

This week, I have profiled several topics dealing with Diversity & Inclusion. Right now, it’s an area that we cannot talk about enough. The world is comprised of all different types of people. What man has made difficult is so simple when we go back to the beginning. God created us in his image. We are all equal in his eyes. Sadly, mankind moved away from our Creator’s intent and came up with their own rules. When we stick to God’s plan, the world is a great place. When we deviate, we cause confusion and disharmony ... as we are witnessing today. It’s time! It’s time to put God’s intent for equality - front and center. He sees no difference In any of us. We are all his beautiful children! It was us who made the difference and caused this great divide! It was us who elevated one race above the other.. Since we created the difference, let’s move as best we can to show love, respect, and dignity to each other.. Let’s move back to what God purposed for mankind - one big happy family!

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Oct 10, 2020

Well said!


Oct 10, 2020


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