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By Vernalee

I’m sure that you have heard the old termed phrase - to go behind (one's) back. You may have even had it done to you. To go behind your back occurs when someone does something in your absence. The phrase typically suggests wrongdoing or deceit. May I add that when it happens, you have no knowledge until it has occurred. Many times, you are told. So how does it feel? It doesn’t feel good. It feels even worse when the deceitfulness comes from someone that you thought you could trust. It‘s a hurt that Stings like a bumblebee. A pain that lingers like a throbbing headache. As with most betrayals, you cut your losses. You move on! And do remember, “The rooster always comes home to roost.“

When people do or say bad things about someone, it may come back to bite or haunt them ... photo credit: truthfollowers


2 comentarios

02 sept 2020

So true Verna!

Me gusta

02 sept 2020

Point well taken!

Me gusta
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