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By Vernalee

Yes ... you read the headline right!

No, I am not talking about Maxwell House Coffee. “Good to the last drop” is their advertisement slogan. We all know the jingle. This time, I am speaking of another product and one of my fetishes. It started over 45 years ago after I entered the work world. Everything looks different when you stop spending your parents’ money and start spending yours!

(To my teenage followers in my blog reading audience, please take note of that statement. It will serve you well). So off to work I go!

Then I felt the twinge.

My personal spending funds became tight, so I made good use of every dollar that I had. Penny pinching, I’ll say. Maximizing toothpaste usage was one of my cost effective routines. Instead of throwing a seemingly empty tube away, I would cut the toothpaste tube in half. Amazingly, toothpaste would freely come out of the purportedly empty tube. In fact, I could get an extra 2-3 more brushes afterwards. Conclusively, those savings added up. Old habits die hard! I am still a toothpaste penny pincher because I cut the almost empty tube in half, even now!

I use every drop of my Colgate!

Every little bit helps!

Believe me when I tell you, “Those pennies add up!”

Don't laugh, because somewhere out there, you have your very own cost saving technique too! Photo credit:



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