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By Vernalee

There has always been a tradition in our family of passing down possessions. It is funny how the little things in life mean so much! Allow me to share a cooking story. Lemon juice can be used to jazz up many dishes. Its tartness enhances the flavor. Squeezing those tiny lemons can be a chore to say the least. Not anymore! I inherited the perfect kitchen utensil that makes the job spontaneously effortless. Using my Mother’s recipe, I made a delectable cherry cheese cake utilizing an old fashioned lemon squeezer (pictured above). The squeezer belonged to my Grandmother Eleonora. It worked perfectly! I never knew my Granny. She died when I was two years old. I have always heard family recant stories about how she had me “spoiled rotten” by holding me continuously, picking me up when I fell, and gingerly wiping every tear away from my crying eyes! Go Granny! I love it! Emotionally and ironically, my Granny and I cooked together yesterday when I used her vintage appliance. It was as if she was standing in my kitchen looking over my shoulders! Imaginatively, I could hear her say, “Dash a pinch of vanilla flavor to liven up the taste. Grating a tad bit of the lemon peel won’t hurt!” Those Southern cooks who knew how to put a meal on the table from scanty ingredients are something else! Aren’t they? Perhaps, you could say that my Grandma’s hands guided mine. Some folks say “too many cooks in the kitchen” will never work. Well I beg to differ. With this cooking experience, I had it just right - the memories and the ingredients! Enjoy the virtual taste of my pie … I hope you agree that it's flavorful! Photo credit:

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