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By Vernalee

Elegance never goes out of style. It dresses up a person with class. Hats contribute to elegance by adding a look of distinction. They are in a class all by themselves. I remember the days that you would rarely see a woman in the southern churches without a hat. The attire of my Mother, aunts, and women of her generation was not complete without their hats, and matching shoes/purses.. Sometimes, they added gloves to round out their look. How chic! For some women, hats became a part of their signature look.

Though not obsolete, hats over the years lost some of their once dominant popularity. They did not go out of style, but their appeal was diminished to the new generation. Hats are not embraced as they once were, but they have held their own fashion ranking particularly during worship service.

Sunday church service wouldn't be complete without the ladies wearing those decorative classy hats.

It is an undisputed fact that hats make a woman look distinguished, sophisticated, and all dressed up. Although I am not a hat wearer, I love the look! I love the elegance! I love seeing women wearing their hats as they make a definite fashion statement. It completes their look with a touch of class. In closing, I know that we all know a lady who personifies elegance - whether she wears a hat or not! Hats off to them! Photo reprint: – Mrs. Elaine Saunders, District of Columbia

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12 août 2023


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