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By Vernalee

It’s Black Friday!

Will you be standing in the crowded lines and driving in congested traffic jams? Where are you going? Walmart’s, Target’s, Kohl’s, Best Buy….? This year, because of the pandemic, if you hit the pavement, wear your masks, social distance, and be safe. Interestingly, the name, Black Friday, is a misnomer. It should be called Green Friday. From the consumer’s hands, those green dollar bills start running like water. Kicking off the Christmas spending season, it is considered the biggest shopping day of the year.

Stores discount prices that they have escalated all year; people fight over big screen televisions because there are only a few in the store (wink, wink… those cheap advertised prices brought you through the doors). Some folks even camp outside stores for days to assure that they are the lucky ones to purchase those highly sought after reduced priced items. Fights and unruly violence have been known to occur. Yet year after year, folks go out in groves and stand in lines for hours as they cumulatively make Black Friday a $57 billion plus sales day.

This spending sounds very green to me!

Some personal bank accounts go from being in the “black” to ”red” because the overspending crushed their budgets! Today, this Black Friday, if I desire to shop, my fingers will go click, click to pick up on-line specials. Otherwise, I will be relaxing as I watch the crowds on my television in the comforts of my home! Photo credit: indy100



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