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By Vernalee

Music, particularly gospel music  can lift your spirit and trwn gospel song “How I got over” not only will lift you, but it is equally rich in its historical significance.  Allow me to explain.  During the Civil Rights Movement, songs were extremely meaningful and symbolic.  At the 1963 March on Washington after Dr. King’s stirring “I have a dream” speech left the audience of approximately 250,000 excited with inspiration, Mahalia Jackson followed it up with a rousing performance of "How I Got Over." Written in 1941 by the gospel singer Clara Ward after a cruel incident of racist violence, the lyrics tell her story.  “Tell me how we got over Lord Had a mighty hard time coming on over You know my soul look back and wonder How did we make it over?” The above video version performed by Joshua Nelson is so moving that it takes you to church wherever you are! His charismatic performance reminds me of my late lifelong friend Darryl Kingdom Maxey. Similar to Joshua, Darryl with his Mississippi flavor and theatrics had showmanship and gave it to his audience. An incredible pianist, he could play those ivory keys and sing melodically to the Heavens.  As you listen to Joshua and watch his dramatic performance, I’m sure that he will “rock your soul!”

Now, to get a double dose of great gospel singing that touches every muscle in your soul, listen to the late great Mahalia Jackson's version which will make you get up out of your seat and praise The Lord for his blessings and grace! The video’s footage is old but the message is everlasting.

Happy Sunday! Blessings!

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Jul 17, 2022


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