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By Vernalee

Is your job your life? If you "live to work" rather than "work to live," there may be a problem!

For sure, most of us work so that we can financially support ourselves and our families. We cannot undervalue the importance and significant benefits that working provides. We can however order the perspective and balance. Without question, we need cash to survive; no argument there! Where we place and value it is the question! There are some people that without their jobs, they feel reduced to little or nothing! Their job defines them! Their job means more than the people in their lives. Has your job become more valuable than your loved ones? Before you respond, stop! Those in your life know the answer that you are about to reveal. They have seen the manifestation. Your actions tell it all. No doubt about it!

There is a solution. On the wall hangs the time clock. "Punch out" now so that the “balancing” journey can begin! Realignments are part of the adjustment process. Nothing changes until the first step is made! Are you stepping?

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Jun 01, 2020


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