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By Vernalee

Admittedly, I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. My choice; my prerogative! So when I purchased a bottle of wine for a friend last week, being the novice wine purchaser that I am, it reminded me of an intriguing “wine” story! You see I was driving home and of course minding my own business when I first heard this fascinating story on the D.L. Hughley radio show. At first, I thought that D.L. was being his normal comedic self, but after hearing the story, I decided to research it for myself. What an inquisitive mind I have!

Here’s the scoop: A man in an Atlantic City restaurant, who was not familiar with wine (like me) asked the waitress to recommend a good wine. Not wearing his glasses (like me, too), she suggested a wine from their exquisite wine list. Anyway, the waitress suggested a bottle of Screaming Eagle Oakville 2011 to the customer. “How much does it cost?” he asked. “Thirty seven fifty,” was the waitress’ response. Clearly heard by all of the table guest, the wine was ordered. All evenings come to an end! This night was no different, but the intrigue rested with the check. That “Screaming Eagle” bottle of wine was $3,750.00 and not $37.50. Ouch! I bet it left all ten of the guest screaming!

Here's the question: Was the waitress, duplicitous or was the consumer not inquisitive enough?

What do you think?

I could ask my attorney friend for a legal opinion as to who (the waitress or the consumer) was at fault. A capable lawyer, I do believe that her legal clarification would cost more than the bottle of wine in question! Sorry, counselor! You know that I love you and respect your Law degree from the prestigious Columbia University! You are truly a scholar! But cost is cost!

Anyway, “I rest my story!” I ask you, my reading audience, “What’s your verdict?”

Before you render your decision, weigh the facts, and have a glass of Screaming Eagle Oakville 2011 wine, but not on me! That's your cost to bear! Read all about it!$3,750-for-wine-2014-11 Photo credit:

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1 commentaire

25 juin 2021

I would have repeated the cost as $37.50 to make sure!

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