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By Vernalee

If you need to have a conversation with yourself to face the enemy, go right ahead. Talking to yourself occurs as we age. To some, it is a sign of maturity. Just don't answer back! (Smile). So to you out there in the universe who are trying to defeat me; to make me stumble and fall; watch me "boss up!"

Stop crystal ball glazing. You cannot put your finger on my invisible and visible shortcomings anymore. No ma'am! No sir! I'm wiser now. That was a thing in my past. I will not permit you to enter my mind. Sorry Charlie! You didn't get what you thought; what you predicted.

Don't you dare try to push my button! I will stop your fingers with my mind! It's mind over matter!

Contrary to your belief, I will not explode like a nuclear bomb. That was the old me! I will not allow you to win! With God's help and prayer, I am now in complete control! I have made a complete transformation. Somewhere in time and space, since your last attack, I followed the admonition of the Book of Ephesians. I am wearing my suit of armor. I recognize you as the enemy. I will not succumb and place myself on your level. I am the victor, because I know that God can place my enemies at my foot stool. I have grown! I am strong in my faith! I am in control, but you are demonstrating through your actions that you are not! Stop! Look! Listen! Hey there ... I am clothed in my spiritual warfare garment. Your button pushing days are over! “How you like me now!

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06 de ago. de 2020

I concur!

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