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By Vernalee

"If you play with fire, you get burn," refers to warnings that are dangerous and/or risky actions that often lead to pain and injury.“ If we see the danger, we should take a different course or navigate around it. Stop! We know that! What is concerning are those hidden dangers. You know those “shiny apple“ enticing things that seem too good to be true. We become tempted. We take the bait. We didn’t calculate the risks. Then we find out that it wasn’t what it seemed. We knew better. We know that we are not immune. We somehow thought that we were all that and a bag of chips and ignored the signs! It happens to the best of us! Once we see the flames which sometimes don’t manifest themselves to be fire (as there are so many chameleonic disguises), we have to quickly move away. Let’s be real! Knowingly, we wouldn’t walk into a burning inferno. Agreed?

We have grown to realize that everything and everyone do not appear as they look; everything that shines ain’t gold! When the dangers come to light, we have to use our best judgment. Getting out and walking away are not always bad deals. They may be lifesaving fire extinguishers!

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