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By Vernalee

If you are living in a glass house, don't throw no stones...remember that phrase.

Stop criticizing others for bad qualities in their character when you may in fact have identical or similar ones! Ouch! No one is squeaky clean! We all have faults of some sort. Guess what? Your flaws are just as visible as theirs! That is why, you should not throw stones. Remember, people can throw stones back at you and reveal the skeletons that you thought were hidden in your closet. You may be a much easier target that you imagined. Stop the madness! Don’t be fooled because no one can successfully hide “stuff” behind glass! What you think you are hiding or have hidden may shine just as bright as the light of day. Oh my!

I take you back once again to those wise old ladies in Mississippi. Reminiscing, I can hear them now. “Child, ya ain't fooling nobody. We see straight thru ya! We know who ya are, whatz ya made of, whatz ya done, and whatz ya bout to do. So honey careful bout whatz ya do and say. It might come right back round and kick ya in yer hind parts. Ya betta hush yer mouth and stay out them folks buzness. Ya can barely mind yer own!” Say it! Ain't that the truth!

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