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By Vernalee

Let’s change the pace today. Let’s talk about love.

To be loved is a desired emotion for most. For sure, “It’s never too late to find love! Play it again Sam! Though love is a sought after emotion, finding true love may be difficult as we cannot read other people’s hearts. Complacency and the fear of rejection can become front and center and even convince us that we are happy when we are walking in a sea of loneliness. Our older wax filled ears become fearful of hearing unpleasant words. It’s easy to settle. It’s just as easy to find comfort in discomfort; to give up without really trying; to convince yourself that you are happy when you know that you are not. As the saying goes, ”Everybody needs somebody!” The older you become, your desire lessens to take risks. Age does not remove the prospects and exposure to being hurt. So now what? Do you do nothing and let the unhappy days become unhappy years? Or do you seek, search, and find love? What steps should you take as you look for love gingerly? How discreet should you be? It is not realistic for you to expect to open your front door and find your Prince Charming (for ladies) or Princess (for guys) standing there waiting with opened arms. It is highly unlikely that a scenario like that will play out. Looking for love and dating can be intimidating processes at any age. For certain, they are labors of work. Another job, you don’t need! Just ask Tina. Beautiful, successful, and in the spotlight was Tina Knowles, the Mother of superstar Beyonce. Then, after 33 years of marriage, she found herself divorced and all alone. “Where am I gonna find somebody at 59 years old? Where do you meet men? Where do you get them? They’re all gone.” If Tina asked those questions, multiply those from other middle aged women by 10. But then something magical happened. She took the initiative to find love and happiness. She was reunited with a man that she had known for over three decades. Actor Richard Lawson entered the picture and the rest is history. By her wedding day in 2015, Tina’s tone had change. “To walk down the aisle and see all my friends and family and to see my handsome man standin’ there, and to know that at 61 you can still find love and have a magical day like that … it was really beautiful,” says the bride as she walked down the aisle to India Arie’s “Ready for Love.” Yes, it takes courage. It takes tenacity. It takes not settling for someone who doesn’t make you happy. Wearing your singleness on your sleeves is not necessary; declaring your availability Is. Whether widowed, divorced, etc., sharing your life with the person that you love is a beautiful thing. Companionship is great! God knew that it was not good for man to be alone, thus he created woman. Love, companionship, eternal bliss of marriage ... will never grow old. Yes, loneliness is for the lonely; it is no fun! Here’s to finding your soulmate! Don’t be left out in the cold alone (Brrr!) lonely, and without the love of your life. Besides, love and happiness will never grow old. They will remain in style for years to come! Photo credit: (Richard and Tina).

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Dec 30, 2022


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