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By Vernalee

Without question, life and living are not without troubles or its accomplice, worry. Sooner or later, they walk through your door. Sometimes we worry about issues that do not directly concern us, but if they affect people that we love, they naturally become an extension of our lives. Flowers, particularly roses can be calming/soothing. Although they don’t wash our troubles away, roses brighten up our space. They are such beautiful flowers and come in an assortment of colors. Often, I think that roses, particularly red ones, have magical powers. A dozen delivered to my door can heal emotional wounds and bring instant joy and jubilation. A delivery of two dozen once made me jump through hoops. To its recipient, roses show thoughtfulness from the giver. They can definitely liven up your day and spirits with their fragrant delight. As beautiful and fragrant as roses are, rose bushes have thorns. The piercing of a thorn against our skin hurts. When that happens, we have God’s healing hands to give us relief. For certain, life is not always easy and is not without its problems. Certainly, it is not a bed of roses, but thank God for his mercy, love, grace, protection, and covering. Thank God for continuing the breathe of life in us and our loved ones. Actually, we need to thank God for the bed ... and for the roses.

Thank God for today and a tomorrow! As we feel the smooth petals, smell the fragrant scent, and adore the beauty of roses, we can digest God’s words and take in the beauty of his garden of life that is filled with many flowers along with life’s varied assets. As we stand, sit, and walk in God’s rose garden, we are provided with all of the necessities that we need in this life. He gives us the strength to make it through those troubled days. Oh yes, we are truly blessed! James 1:12 tells us – Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. Photo credit:

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I am truly blessed, thanks be to God..

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