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By Vernalee

Don't raise your hand (nobody is looking), but how many of you live from check to check? No shame ... hey, times are hard! Ain't nobody's business anyway...

"Living paycheck to paycheck simply means you are using most or all of your monthly income to cover your monthly expenses -- with no money left over and no money in savings."

Allow me to share some interesting statistics.

*1/3 of Americans are only one pay check away from homeliness.

*A large percentage (an estimated 78% to be exact) live from check to check.

*There is only a covenant few who are financially stress free.

Now this brings us to another interesting set of circumstances.

Do you regularly hear people complain about their jobs? Are you included in that number? Listen up!

To the complainers who contend that nothing or very little is right at the workplace, the list goes on for miles. Something is always wrong and unfair. This is wrong; that is wrong! The supervisors are unfair; they only give their favorites - the opportunities. The office cafeteria offers horrible tasting food. The drive is too far. The pay is bad; the hours less than desirable. The company only offers 4 paid days off ... and there is no company picnic with free food and beer. Complaints, complaints, complaints!

Having heard these and others, of course, the constant complainers could quit and find another job; right?

Admittedly, some of the complaints may have merit.

You can always take the upside of the situation which is to be thankful that you are gainfully employed. Nothing beats gratitude and a paycheck. Being thankful for what you have outweighs complaining about what you don’t have. Just saying ...

This opinion is just food for thought; just food that the paycheck from the job that you grossly dislike bought! It could be worse. There is a less satisfying alternative – unemployment.

Condemnation is not the answer.

Placing yourself in a better financial position is the goal. Today is the day for all to get started! Photo credit: www.cartoonstock



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