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By Vernalee

As I come to you Heavenly Father on bended knees, I pray.

I start my worship this Sunday by being thankful; thankful for life; thankful for good health; thankful for so many, many blessings.

As I remain prayerful, keep me steadfast in your Word.

When my days are filled with issues; some that I can quickly solve; others, not, I ask that you guide me, provide me with knowledge, and show me the way.

When I'm down, please Lord lift me.

I ask for forgiveness of my sins; we all have them!

I ask that you remove stumbling blocks - even if they are people - from my path.

As I bury the ill will of the past, I ask you Lord to order my steps so that I can walk in your goodness and righteousness!

I ask you Lord to purify my heart and place sheer love in my soul.

Jehovah God, show me the way; teach me how to love and be loved; how to do loving acts to lift your holy name.

Lord, keep me humble, keep me grounded because I need you every second of the day.

Lord, I ask for your blessing so that I can be a blessing to others.

I ask you Lord for your personal, professional, and spiritual guidance.

Lord, I have learned to come to you before I make a move. I rely not on my understanding but yours. I know not all the answers.

I ask you Dear God to cover me and my family with your blanket of love, guidance, mercy, grace, and protection.

Lord, help me to do the right things; to work in your purpose.

Almighty God, bless my children, my family, my friends, and my loved ones.

Lord help me to give my adult children the guidance that they need and keep their ears receptive to listen.

My prayers are long, my petitions are many, but I thank you Lord for listening; for always being there. I thank you for your long stretching love...I thank you for everything!

Lord, I cannot stop praising you.

Heavenly Father, I sing your praises and raise my voice in harmony to your Holy name. As I listen to the golden voice of my favorite singer, the late great Aretha Franklin, I ask you Lord to "lift me up and let me stand; a higher plane than I have found; plant my feet on higher grounds." ”To God be the glory!”

Happy Sunday!



Jun 27, 2021



Jun 27, 2021

Help me stay lifted! AMEN

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