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By Vernalee

Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance.

The operative question is not -What it is? The better question is - Do you have it? Are you a loyal person? Are people loyal to you?

Do you not care to be around those who will turn on you as fast as you can turn your head? These are questions that we must individually answer for ourselves. If we misclassify someone‘s loyalty, their actions will always speak. Loyal people seek alliances with and are drawn to those that they perceive as being loyal. I respect loyal people and consider myself - loyal. My family/friends know who I am. I think that I have shown them my loyal side.

Now then -

* Have I encountered people who exhibit loyalty when I am doing something for them, but when the “doing“ is over, so is their loyalty? Yes.

* Did I feel used? Yes.

* Have I been fooled, hurt, and betrayed by someone that I thought was loyal and that I could trust? Yes. It happens. We move on! We learn! We make adjustments. We get wiser. We make better choices and pray for the best! Photo credit: pininterest


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Mar 11, 2021



Mar 11, 2021

Remember the lyrics to the song by Judy Garland that went like this "Friendship, Friendship, just a perfect blendship,, When other friendships have been forgot, Ours will still be Hot!" Thank you Judy Garland

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