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By Vernalee

Mirror, mirror on the wall; flattery gets you everything, but no hocus pocus, today! Tell me and show me the truth! For sure, whether I acknowledge what I see, the mirror doesn't lie! It reflects what it sees ... sometimes much to our chagrin or displeasure. I'm not sure what's in the air. but so many people are itching to tell others what they really think! One of my closest colleagues has had enough! She recently told me that she routinely despite the falsehoods utter words that are soft to the ear. In other words, she has mastered the uncanny ability to tell people what they want to hear! It's called dishonestu! She doesn't want to hurt their feelings, but she finally realized that she is hurting them more by shielding the truth. Last week, she even got mad at herself for this stance of unintended hypocrisy. Alright, the time has come. I think that she's ready.

Despite being surrounded by the “laugh in your face, stab you behind your back” characters, and many others walking in the world of phoniness, she unlike her fellow evildoers, has never had willful ill intent or malice in her heart. She still doesn't!

Here's what she should do! There is little risk involved. She should turn her magic mirror on them. Let the mirror do the talking and say the things that she could never bring her mouth to utter. The magic mirror will for sure expose them and their shenanigans. Oh My, it's working! Stop! Look at their faces and accompanying reactions! Some are denying the truth! Wow! What a glaring reflection; the mirror is reaching out to them! Remember it was them who told my friend that she had bottled up charisma and was a great person. So here; come closer; look in the mirror! They were right! The mirror told it all - about her and them ...and all of their wrongness! What a revelation!

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24 jul 2020


Me gusta

24 jul 2020

Mirror MIrror on my wall I will try to follw this advise and see what you tell me....

Me gusta
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