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By Vernalee

Either the traffic light is green or red; but it changes to yellow in between. Water is hot or cold; but sometimes it is warm. The matter is either black or white; but occasionally it is gray. There is always a middle point; a point of neutrality. No worries ... because these are inanimate objects. When this happens in your everyday situations, it becomes a different story. The difficulty on reading the signals from people when their behaviors are unclear is challenging. You can be encyclopedic smart, but may have to get a second opinion on confusing actions. Some folks are masters of saying one thing and doing another. They can toss out mixed signals with the velocity of a high speed decathlon throw. Consequentially, it muddles your thinking. Stop daydreaming, smell the roses, and interpret their actions for what they really are. Ultimately, the colors as you travel will be green, red, or yellow. You will be able to “go, stop, or slow down.” More importantly, you will stop worrying about other folks mixed signals and travel at your own speed! Photo reprint:

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Jul 26, 2023


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