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Yes that's right! I will not stoop but so low. I will not degrade my integrity to be on a defined level that is beneath my standards. How condescending if I did so! Dignity and respect are characteristics that I strive to meet. I’m sure that they are within your repertoire too. Doing things beneath my moral standards are not my cup of tea. Certainly, I will not join anyone on a debased plane just to please.

The old folks in Mississippi would say, "Don't bow down to nobody. Only get on your knees to pray." C”mon old folks! I might have not paid attention during my adolescence years, but I hear you loud and clear now! So, I stand tall. Lowering my standards is not an option. Yes! Read my lips! I said it! None of us can afford to let our guards down and fall prey to unwise actions. Allow others to do or say whatever they please. My attitude and critical thinking will stay intact, because over the years, I have learned that "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

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