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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

By Vernalee

Surrendering your life to the principles of your faith by being baptized is a big step. Baptism is a "religious rite of immersion in water, symbolizing purification and admission to the Christian faith." Your baptism is a spiritual awakening. It is a washing away of your sins. It is the beginning of your new beginning. It is a happy day. Let us rejoice in our faith everyday. Truly, we enjoy happy days when we walk in the path and follow the instructions that God has provided for us. We can sing praises to The Lord as it is a Happy Day to walk and live by his rules which will keep us cleansed. Since 1969, we have been joyfully singing Oh Happy Day ...and it hasn't gone out of style!

Listen to the Edwin Hawkins Singers rendition of Oh Happy Day and be blessed.

Happy Sunday.

Photo credit: wikipedia

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Feb 16, 2020


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