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By Vernalee

Are you out on a limb? Are you out there by yourself when everyone else is comfortably relaxing/sitting down in their Lazy boy recliners? Why? May I ask or is it none of my business?

Being out on a limb typically places you in a difficult, vulnerable position where you lack support. It's not a desirable position and can pose great risks. Oops, watch it; be careful that you don't fall! I just made an interesting observation: No one is facing the risks but you! Amazing, isn’t it? It's not the best way to learn survival techniques, but if you are out there, it will definitely teach you a lesson or two. Prevention and minimizing risks may be several lessons learned. Falling is certainly not a desired outcome. Injuries (both physical and emotional), are bound to occur if that happens. Balancing yourself on a skinny limb will also show you who’s on your side, whose not; and who (if anyone) will be there to catch you if you fall! Hopefully, the answers to those questions will illuminate before your very eyes. Who might it be; who will be your catcher/great protector? Hmm. A penny for your thoughts! Will you come up short? Hopefully not! People that you thought that you could count on and who would be there for you no matter what - can disappear with a blink of the eye! We learn as we live! The worst case scenario is that the hard ground will catch you ... bruises and all ... if all else fails. In the future, let’s limit our exposure! Better yet -Not putting yourself in risky situations depending upon others to assist should be considered.

Walking on solid ground is a better choice knowing that your well being starts with you. It’s safer too!

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Oct 05, 2021



Oct 05, 2021


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