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Overworked? Underpaid? Neither are appealing or desirable! Together, they’re intense. Not surprised; right? Moving on ... It’s time for a refreshing drink. Let’s have a cup of coffee! Shall we? The aroma of roasted Arabica beans can wake up anyone’s sensory glands. Hmm- umm - good! If you don’t drink coffee, there is usually something that can get you going early in the morning.

As we pour coffee in our Overworked/ Underpaid mug, suddenly the thought behind the cup‘s inscription makes the beverage unappetizing. It’s amazing what words can do!

As for me, I decided to switch and make Decaffeinated Tea my drink of choice! I’m drinking it out of a plain white cup these days! I just don’t need the stress. And if I may say ... neither do you!

Photo credit: www.society6.com

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