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Pictured: Rev. Thomas Dorsey and Mahalia Jackson

By Vernalee

The story behind this classic gospel song ”Precious Lord” is touching, chilling, and will send goose bumps down your spine!

Written by the Rev. Thomas Dorsey after a family tragedy, it characterizes his emotions after his wife died in child birth. Days later, his baby succumbed. In a downtrodden state, Dorsey penned "Precious Lord" in 1932.

"Precious Lord" is one of those "pick you up" gospel songs.

Indeed, it was Dr. Martin Luther King's favorite! When he wanted to "hear the voice of God," King called upon Mahalia Jackson to sing "Precious Lord." The lyrics magically transport the Holy Ghost spirit to your presence.

"Precious Lord” was also my Mother’s favorite song. Her voice was not as velvety as Mahalia's, but with her pink apron tied around her waist as she cooked, that woman could "take you to church right there in her kitchen!" Hearing her rendition, we would have a spiritual baptism of praise; a hallelujah good time!

We listened. We sang along. We were filled with the presence of the Holy Ghost spirit! What beautiful memories! Memories that I will never forget! Memories that live on forever and a day In my soul ... in my heart!

Happy Sunday!


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These are very difficult times and I am saddened that it has come to this. We must continue to pray to our Father to help us get through these times and move forward in peace and health...

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