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By Vernalee

Have you ever been anxiously waiting to hear from someone to get the latest news or results? Have you been so anxious that you paced the floor walking as if there is no tomorrow? For reasons of anxiety, you simply cannot sit down! If the answer is yes, join the crowd. Many refer to this anxiousness as sitting on pins and needles. So, what does that mean? “Sitting on pins and needs” is used to describe someone who can’t sit still/rest easily, often because of anxiousness/worry/impatience. You can become highly agitated while waiting for something to happen. The expected event can be either good or bad. The phrase describes many facets of our lives. Our emotions can be all over the board. It begs to ask – How can we effectively deal with anxiety? Let’s see what the experts recommend that we do to cope. Here are some suggested steps. 1. Identify the source of your anxiety. 2. Determine if your worry is solvable. 3. Accept uncertainty. 4. Consider the use and source of your worry. 5. Focus on both the positive and the negative. 6. Avoid thinking in terms of all or nothing. 7. Don’t make it into a catastrophe. 8. Try not to jump to conclusions. 9. Don’t let your emotions control your reasoning. 10. Avoid making everything personal. The more we practice reducing our stress, the better. There are so many issues that we cannot escape or run away from; so many that we must face. Once we deal with the stress pockets, we can move on. If we don’t, we will resort back to sitting on pins and needles! Pins and needles hurt! They pierce your skin. Ouch! Be comfortable. I want my buttock to be cushioned. Don’t you?

Reasonable people don’t go looking for trouble. No one wants to be purposefully hurt and feel the accompanying pain and anxiety. If you can avoid what you know will hurt, why not? Replacing anxieties with pleasurable calmness/comfort is the goal. It's a goal worthy of achieving. Agreed? Photo credit:; Source:

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May 12, 2023


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