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By Vernalee

Growing up in the country, you learn the art of driving by cruising down gravel and dirt roads before graduating to the two lane highways. As you travel in one direction facing the traffic in another, you learn to stay in your own lane. Swerve too far to the right and you are liable to end up in a ditch. Move to far to the left and you are subject to have a head on collision with the other vehicle. This maneuvering precision teaches you much about life. In order words, if you mind your own business and stay out of other folks’ affairs, it is smooth sailing. When you meddle, you cross the line! Where you end up is where your intrusion takes you. “You are an accident waiting to happen” when you start interfering. No speed will keep you safe in those types of circumstances. Fender bending will inevitably become an outcome when you engage in other folks business! Crash!

That is why it pays to stay in your lane on the road ... and in life! Photo credit:

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Ginger Cunningham
Ginger Cunningham

This is why I took Driver's Edu. in high school...

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