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By Vernalee

We use metaphors from time to time to bring home a point. They tend to help us see a situation clearer. An Elephant in the room” is an metaphorical idiom that refers to an obvious truth that is going unaddressed or to an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss. It is so profound as this expression is focused around the idea or thought that an elephant because of its sheer size would be impossible to overlook. Agreed? Admittedly, there are times when certain things stare us in “smack dab” in the face and we ignore them. This carefree ignorance makes it all the more interesting. How can we ignore what is clearly right before our eyes particularly when it is blatantly obvious or too big to go unnoticed? When it is a big problem/issue/truth, how can we push it under the rug? We do ... but in all actuality, we are only fooling ourselves! If we don’t deal with the “elephant” issue, it will continue to take up valuable space in our minds and our lives. We will remain uncomfortable because there is no comfort when the “elephant“ is blocking our view/our reasoning and prohibiting progress. It’s too big to evaporate through osmosis!

The question and real root of the issue become - Why do we refuse to acknowledge the “elephant’s“ presence?

There are many reasons. Denial is a predominant one! Fear, hurt, pride ... are others. It may take considerable energy and time, but it is critical that we address.

Our issues will not magically fade away in the sunset until we wave goodbye to the “elephant!“ Photo credit:

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