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By Vernalee

Remember the Big Cheese? You know him! You have definitely seen him before! Although he is graphically pictured here as a male, the Big Cheese can also be a female. Equal rights .. y'all!

He/she is that person who gives orders, takes names, shifts their weight, attempts to frighten you with their tactics, provides threatening remarks, talks negatively to you and about you, and is outrageously chummy with the boss.

Did I add that he and the boss are golfing and drinking buddies? Some folks have even seen them frequent the strip joints together. Hush yo mouth!

If the Big Cheese does wrong, punishment does not come his way. Never!

Perhaps, he is exempted from disciplinary actions for harassing employees and exacting retaliatory actions! He is a nightmare to the Human Resources Department.

Though he has no supervisory oversight, everyone defers to him; many are even fearful of him.

Yes, the Big Cheese can make some rock in their boots and he knows it! Remember, as the boss' right hand man, he has an elevated job title that does not match his responsibility, because he does no substantial work; none! Walking and talking are his main gig!

His influence and power are incredibly unbelievable.

I’m sure that you have seen him “doing his thing,” and wielding his power; Right?

Some have even tried to determine exactly what was the nature of his strength. Though he has Superman authority and strength in the workplace, he is so disliked with mounting unfavorable disdain that if he could be weakened with kryptonite, there would be an enormous stack in everyone’s desk drawer so they could see him squirm.

Perhaps that is unreasonable and wishful thinking but fair play is such a desirable trait. Unfortunately, our workplace Big Cheese doesn’t have the humility of Clark Kent; not at all!

Because he has the boss' endorsement to do whatever, whenever, and to whomever he likes, everyone always come up short and just follow him down the yellow brick road.

Alright, since there is humor in every topic, let’s approach this from a more comical perspective. I wonder if the Big Cheese is Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, or American! What you think? It really doesn’t matter! The boss lets his flavor run rampant as the workplace bully. As for me, I am lactose intolerant so cheese is not on my menu. Sorry!

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1 Comment

Feb 15, 2023


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