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By Vernalee

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall” is an expression used to ​emphasize that the more ​important or ​powerful a ​person is, the more ​difficult it is for them when they ​lose ​their ​power or ​importance. It’s no secret that many in this designated elite group truly look down on people who do not possess what they have and are jealous of those who can stand toe to toe with them in matching prestige, power, and money! When they are up, many flaunt their resources. Their ostentatious cruelty is covered up by a flavorful imitation of pretentious conduct that is as morally corrupt as the sky is blue. Though they may cut a good figure, they wear the cloth of ruthlessness day in, day out. Can I get a witness if you know one or two?

I wish that this group of folks could have met my Mother.

That woman preached these very words with a sprinkle of tasty “street” spice, “Just as it was given, it can be taken away!” When and if the so called mighty who has their nose up to the sky are stripped, miraculously they will feel what others felt when they stripped them. Payback makes the surreal, real; the pain unbearable; the difficulty to rise tantamount to the fall. Power, money, and influence are not everything or insulators to pain. Anyone can feel the physical and emotional sting, if they unwisely test the limits!

Just ask the Big Whig who just a few moments ago hit the ground!

The ground shook. The pain was real. As the old folks sitting on their porches drinking lemonade would say, “ His fall really cut him down to size! I betcha he’ll think about how he treats the so called little people from now on out!”

The moral of the story is to keep “your nose out of the air” and stay grounded!

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Jun 10, 2023


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