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By Vernalee

Get ready for a holiday treat!

A colleague called and informed me that the circus is in town.

“Weren’t they here earlier this year?”

“Yes, you are correct,” he replied. “That was Ringling Brothers. I am talking about the circus on my job.” They are putting on an unforgettable show this week and it’s free!

This three ring circus has an incredible juggler, a speeding motorcyclist who keeps circling around the same path, and the funniest clown. All three are exceptionally talented at their craft.

The major difference is that they double as employees. They juggle job duties, circle around issues, and do the funniest, craziest things that will make you crack up in laughter. They do this for a living and get handsomely paid weekly.

I am told that the company is giving them all hefty year end bonuses. The juggler will get a fancy & expensive Apple computer with the Apple Watch to match; the motor cyclist, a fully paid trip for a week to Las Vegas; and the grand prize goes to the infamous clown. He will get a new fancy Black Cadillac SUV with all the bells and whistles.

My colleague is thinking about applying for the gig. Why not? No work, big pay! It’ll be a gravy job!

They take applications in January. He plans to be the first in ine. Why work hard for a living…when you can get paid royally just clowning around?

Being adventurous, he decided to expand the idea to other companies. He placed an on line ad for applicants who are skilled at clowning around and doing no substantial work of any measurable magnitude.

Within thirty minutes, his computer crashed. The field of applicants - who wants to get paid for doing nothing - was much bigger than he expected!

Make no mistake about it ...This is an attractive offer whether you're a clown or not!

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Nov 30, 2019

Does the Circus have a Big Top?

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