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By Vernalee

The Today Show featured an interesting segment called “The Invisible Boyfriend” that had many folks glued to the tube.

Maybe you were one of them!

Yes, “The Invisible Boyfriend” is real! If you don’t believe me, google it.

“The Invisible Boyfriend” is a service that gives you “real world and social proof that you are in a relationship.” Yep, it is a website whereby you can send text messages and communicate to a nonexistent person…and he answers back! You can also create on this website an invisible boyfriend with all the features that you want in a man. What an exciting apparition!

Moving from the abstract to reality,

I masterfully had a premonition and reflected upon another brilliant discovery!

Drumroll .... if you please!

What about those real life boyfriends whose behaviors, or shall I say lack thereof, make them invisible?

Ladies, how many stories can you remember or confidentially share about them beyond the theoretical?

You know the things that they should do, but don’t; the things that make them invisible!

You can reach out and touch their hands, but have they made your world a better place!

These guys fit the category of being real in the flesh and the relationship, but invisible in deeds and in satisfying their partners’ physical, emotional, sexual, and other apparent visible needs?

What is interesting is the denial. If you confront that invisible man of yours and tell him what you need, and he starts making excuses, pretends he doesn’t know what you’re talking about, or indicates that he will do better (to get you off his back) when in fact, he has no intentions of doing so, you will become more frustrated.

Keep in mind ...If his actions are invisible, so is he!

You may have to finally recognize that you cannot make him what you need him to be. You may have to give up the invisibility and move on with a real man!

Alright for my male readers, before you get angry; there is equality! I don't ever want you to feel left out. I understand that there is an “Invisible Girlfriend." Research it if you desire.

If you have been an invisible boyfriend, you have a heads up! No doubt, you know all about her. She has all of the "do nothing,” invisible and identifiable characteristics that you possess!

Try her on for size and see if you become as frustrated and disenchanted as you made your girl back in the day. “What goes around, comes around!” Photo credit:



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