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By Vernalee

Is there a responsibility to reach back and help people? I think so! Giving back can take many forms. Taking the time to share your time, energies, and knowledge is definitely needed if we truly want to impact the well-being of others. Being a sounding board is great. Nothing beats listening ears alongside the hands that help! Think about it. Since God has the whole world in his hands, your hands helping someone else isn't too much to ask; is it? Besides, the “giving back” process isn’t that difficult or time consuming. I realize that what comes easy and natural to some can be foreign and difficult to others. Regardless, there is power in giving back! It is the right thing to do. The residuals pay off bountifully. Our selflessness, caring, thoughtfulness, and actions of making someone else’s life better not only aids the other person(s), but it also strengthen us immeasurably! It is very fulfilling and satisfying. Try it; you will see and agree as I!

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