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By Vernalee

Look at that old lady using a stick for her walking cane...

Take a good look at her. Her feet and soul seem tired. She looks frail and weary, but I know that her eyes have seen many many moons. I saw many of those old ladies in my hometown in Mississippi. When I was young, I thought that they were too old to know anything. I discounted them and their advice. Sounds familiar?

What a resource we have in our old folks who have walked many miles on dirt, gravel, and paved road. They know where all the dangerous holes and curves are. They know what to avoid, when to stop, and when to take a detour. They even know when it’s safe not to journey. Imagine that!

Yes it’s true that age has slowed them down. Their steps are not as fast as they once were. Yes, it’s true! The younger ones can run circles around them. But they (the elders) have the wisdom. They know and have navigated the path many times over.

In hindsight, I wished that I had listened more intently! We do many things the hard way, before we learn. I did! I suspect so did you. Now I know the true meaning of that proverb, "The youth can walk fast, but the elder knows the road." I know that wisdom is wealth. I now realize how wise they were. Listening is a sign of maturity! " Wisdom is found in those who take advice " ~ Proverbs 13:10

Photo Credit and Source: pininterest

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Oct 05, 2022


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