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  • Vernalee


By Vernalee

Yes, that’s right! I’m throwing in the towel. I quit. I’m done! I cannot take it anymore! I've had enough!

Alright, let me clarify!

I‘m throwing in - not my own, but my other people’s problems (OPP) towel.

You know some days, you just get tired; sick and tired of OPP and their foolishness.

You get tired of being on their defense team listening to their problems – one after another. Oh, I forgot to tell you this! Other people's problems can stress you out and wear you thin. You start carrying their weight on your tired aching back! Shiny gray hairs become prolific on your head; not theirs! Admittedly, at times, I have allowed myself to become so engulfed with OPP that I became sidetracked and lost my balance. You have to be so very careful. Easy to do, but never do you want to put your matters on the back burner while tending to theirs!

By no means, am I saying that you should turn a deaf ear. Of course, not! We don’t have to completely turn our backs on them. However, at times, we must limit our time with OPP and energize our efforts toward our engagements and that of our loved ones. And that's not being selfish; that’s bring realistic.

So as I wipe the layers of sweat that is running down my face, I am tossing that once pure as white snowflake towel with the velocity of a 20 mph javelin throw. Watch it fly through the air like a towel trapeze!

I’m taking a mental health break from them to concentrate on me and mine! Photo credit:



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