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By Vernalee

Our time is so valuable. How it is used determines integral outcomes in our life. There is "never enough time in the day," is an old adage whose meaning becomes more realistic daily. Thus, we need a plan, particularly when our utilization (of time) determines our income. What's primary; what's secondary? How do we make those determinations? As an entrepreneur, making a daily/weekly/monthly plan makes sense. "If we fail to plan, we plan to fail." Four questions of relevancy may determine how our business grows.

1. What tasks make money now?

2. What tasks make money in the future?

3. Schedule money making tasks every day.

4. Delegate tasks that need to be done, but not necessarily by you.

In quick simplistic terms, the answer centers around - a what and a how. What can bring in the $$$ now; in the future; and how will it be accomplished? Time management is a science with our utilization of same equating to outcomes ... with generation of revenue being one. How we spend our time - directly and indirectly - determines how much money is in our pockets! What becomes our next step? There may be many. Do you need help? Hiring a full time employee may not be financially affordable right out of the gate, but support - be it virtual or a consultant - may be an avenue to explore.

Many of us learn by example. Oddly, some of us can't resist learning the hard way. With quantitative and qualitative measurements, eventually, we will learn that we cannot do it all ... by ourselves. When that realization clicks, we will "be in the money!" By the way, the vibrant color green is one of my favorite colors not just because it's the color of money. As we look at our earning power, it is essential that we do something that we enjoy; something that we are passionate about, and something that we are technically and professionally astute to deliver ... as we get started planning the "how's" and "what's!"

Stop looking at the clock. Let's get started. Time is money, but money can't buy time!"

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Sep 08, 2023

Perfect advice for today!

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