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By Vernalee

“Until the lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter” is an African Proverb which refers to the “unknown part of the struggle because as we know a story is never complete until one hears from both sides.“ The one who has the dominant voice and/or authority is often heard and believed. The one of lesser prominence is often considered not credible or the loser. The hunter’s story may not be 100% accurate as most people tend to slant their story to favor them.

Where does this leave the lion? The lion has no voice.

Sounds familiar?

We know it all to well! The moral of the story lends itself to who will you believe.

Here's the test. Who is telling the truth when it’s one word against the other? Do people tend to believe the more influential person? Many do! Don’t sell the lesser person short.

Don't be fooled. Prominence, power, authority, and wealth are not necessarily synonyms for the word – truthful. It is not always how it looks! Looks are deceiving. It may be wise to hear both sides, weight the facts, gather the evidence, and reach a probable conclusion.

It's the right thing to do; it's only fair!

Don't find out the hard way! Photo credit:


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